Have a Good Good Friday!

This year Good Friday falls on Friday 30th March. It’s the day we remember the crucifixion of Jesus, which might make you wonder, why do we call it ‘Good’ Friday? There’s nothing much good about being crucified! Well, in Old English, the word good also meant holy. So it’s Holy Friday, rather than ‘really great Friday’. So now you know!

The traditional meal to eat on Good Friday is fish, so it’s a great time to have a yummy portion of fish and chips! Then of course it’s Easter, so you can indulge in hot cross buns and chocolate eggs too. You can burn off all those extra calories by going egg rolling, or having an Easter egg hunt! Why do we associate eggs with Easter? Well traditionally, the church didn’t allow the eating of eggs in the week leading up the Easter, so all the eggs laid in that week were saved up, and decorated to eat at Easter as a treat. These days, ordinary eggs don’t seem like much of a treat, and most of us don’t give them up before Easter, so chocolate eggs have become increasingly popular and that’s no real surprise!

Crazy Easter traditions around the world

Easter celebrations differ depending on where you live in the world. In Greece, you’ll have the joy of eating soup made from lamb’s stomachs. You’ll also have the chance to throw clay pots out of your window on Easter Sunday, so not the best day to go for a walk in Greece if you’re there over Easter!

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the men and boys spend Easter Monday chasing females and whipping them with willow sticks! It’s supposed to chase away evil spirits and illness and those who get whipped are blessed with health and beauty for the year.

Ladies seem to get a bad deal when it comes to Easter traditions. In Poland and Hungary, the poor females get a bucket of water poured over their heads!

How about a cracking egg plate for Easter?

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Have a fabulous Easter

Whatever you’re doing with your extra long weekend, we wish you all a very Happy Easter!