Hey Nisha! We’ve got something fabulous for you…

We’ve just got some new plates in stock and if your name is Nisha then we have a real treat in store for you as we’ve found your perfect private registration plate!  We’ve even got a couple for you to choose from!

Nisha is such a pretty name. It means ‘night’ in Sanskrit, which is just beautiful. It’s a common name in India, but a little less well known over here. I think that makes it all the more special. I love an unusual name. So if your name is Nisha, or perhaps you’ve just named your little baby girl Nisha, why not celebrate the special name with a special new number plate?

Our new Nisha plates are N121 SHA and N21 SHA. Aren’t they just brilliant? N21 SHA is available right now for £6,500. N121 SHA is a real bargain at £2,800 and if you really want to get a great deal then we’ve also got N123 SHA available for just £1,990!

If any of these plates take your fancy then simply type ‘NISHA’ into our search box, these and many other great plates will then be displayed for you to choose from. Be quick though, there may be other Nishas waiting to snap them up! All these plates are available on interest free credit subject to status and we can also supply them on retention certificate at no extra charge.