The Changing Face of Smoking and Cigarette Advertising

Smoking Number Plates

Over the last few decades, the view of smoking has changed dramatically. When once it was considered stylish to smoke and women smoking were considered to be sexy, all that has changed. Back in the 70s everyone smoked in their homes. Large ashtrays on stands were considered a vital piece of furniture, chunky cigarette lighters and ashtrays were purchased as much for their ornamental appeal as for their functionality. I remember being read bedtime stories by my Grandmother, the glow of her cigarette reassuring in the darkness. My Grandfather would come home from work and make a roll-up by the fire side. These days this would be considered terrible behaviour. Nowadays when I see someone pushing a child in a pram while smoking I think it’s disgraceful, but back in the day we thought nothing of it. The dangers of smoking, and especially of the effects of passive smoking were not as well known.

Cigarette advertising also played a big part in my childhood. Formula One racing teams were sponsored by tobacco brands. Magazines were full of glossy adverts for cigarettes. I remember one particular brand would always come up with an innovative and magical Christmas advert which I’d look forward to each year. It seems very odd now, but they were different times. These days smoking is definitely considered a bad thing to do. Advertising on TV and in the press has been banned, as has the sponsorship of sporting events by tobacco companies. If it reduces the number of people taking up, what is in reality a lethal habit, then it can only be a good thing, but what if you’re a tobacconist? How on earth do you advertise? We can think of only one way… buy one of the newly released CIG Irish registration plates! Previously banned by the DVA, now the DVA has combined with the DVLA in Swansea CIG plates are now being released, so if you happen to be a tobacconist, or work for a tobacco company, this could be the only method of advertising available to you!

Whatever your business, personalised registration plates are well worth investing in. With prices starting at just £40, they needn’t be a huge investment. Private plates retain their value well, and can even increase in value, so you know your money isn’t wasted. If you want to, you can always sell it on and get your money back. Unlike an advert on the TV, in a local paper or a magazine, your private plate will be advertising for you forever. If you keep your plate for ten years, that represents a very small cost on a per month basis! It’s also a little different. We’re all so used to having advertising thrust in our faces everywhere we look that we’ve become immune and we tune it out. However, private plates still attract our attention, especially when they’re apt to a business vehicle such as TEL 378 on a van belonging to a phone retailer, or D12 BUN on a caterers vehicle!