Private Plates for Animal Lovers

Animal Lover Number Plates

The UK is certainly a nation of animal lovers. There are 9 million dogs and 8 million cats in the country, That means that 17% of households own a cat, and a massive 24% of us have a dog. Add to that all the rabbits, hamsters, birds, guinea pigs, fish and exotic pets and that’s a lot of animals in our homes!

Why not celebrate your love of animals with a new private plate? For the ultimate cat plate, how about CAT 1? We have that available right now for £150,500. If perhaps that’s a little pricey for you, don’t worry, we’ve got absolutely loads of other great CAT plates at more affordable prices! How about N4 CAT, W555 CAT or AC04 CAT? All these are available to buy from us right now.

If you’re more of a doggy person, we’ve also got plenty of plates for you such as DOG 1L, DOG 64R and Y800 DOG. Or perhaps you’d prefer B13 WUF! Pugs are very popular little dogs at the moment, snap up a PUG plate for just £199; examples include BN02 PUG, DP03 PUG and GG02 PUG. We’ve got some stunning puppy plates too, such as PUP 11E, PUP 1Y and PUP 111Y.

If you prefer your pets with long ears and a bobtail, then how about AB03 BUN or A1 RAB? Owners of aquatic pets needn’t be left out. We’ve got a brilliant fishy plate available… F7 SHY! Hamster owners can pick up a plate too. Perhaps HAM 3R or W900 HAM. Keeping hens is increasing in popularity, many people keep them, even in towns, in a cool Egloo home. If you love your hens and the eggs they lay for you, you could celebrate with a hen plate. We’ve got plenty of those available too, including HEN 17, HEN 4H and HEN 5S.

Perhaps your love of animals extends beyond the home? We’ve got plates to suit everyone, so you can let the world know about your favourite animal. If you’re besotted by the big brown eyes of cows, then you could be the proud owner of a COW plate for as little as £199. Plates at this fantastic price include ME02 COW,  LX03 COW and OW02 COW. If you happen to keep goats, we’ve got the perfect plate for you. GOA 2S. We think it’s a great deal at £4346.

The tiniest of creatures need not be forgotten. Perhaps you admire the ingenuity of ants? Snap up 61 ANT, ANT 177A or A111 ANT.

If you work with animals, then a VET plate could be perfect for you. It’s fun, but it’s also a great way to advertise your business. We currently have 8 VET, VET 77 and E16 VET available, as well as many more.

Other animal themed plates include 510 FOX, B1 SOW, RAM 968, D20 EWE and C13 CUB.

If any of these plates take your fancy, then get in touch!