Back to School Number Plate offers


The school summer holidays are underway. It can be a wonderful time or a very stressful time. I think most of us experience a bit of both during the long weeks of the holidays, and it really can depend on the weather can’t it? It’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time together as a family, and get away a bit from studies so you could start studing that clep study guide again with renewed vigor. Whether you go on a holiday or you just take a trip out together, it’s fun to do family things that you don’t have time for normally. However, without the distraction of school, kids can easily get bored. How do you cope with this? How long does it take before your kids are complaining that they are fed up? It can be tricky, especially when the weather is bad, and we’re not having the best of summers this year are we? You soon use up all your summer holiday ideas that you’ve had ready because you’re a super parent. The craft kit is fast used up, you’ve been to the swimming pool and you’ve baked a cake. Well that took up the first few days, now what?

The temptation can often be to just sit them down in front of the TV. The Frozen DVD on repeat can give you a few hours of respite, but you could also get them involved in helping you to choose a new private number plate. If you think about it, it’s even educational, picking out letters that spell a work or working out which numbers can represent a letter. See, you are a super parent after all!

We’ve got some great Back to School Number Plate Offers available right now, with some fantastic reductions on a wide range of great plates to suit all budgets. With the day you send them back to school looming, how do you feel about it? Are you going to miss the little darlings, or will you be slightly relieved to send them back to school? Whether you’re celebrating or commiserating back to school day, a new private plate will be a fun way to mark the occasion, and if the kids have helped you choose your new plate then it’s a real family occasion and they’ll love to point it out to their friends when you drop them off at the school gates. You’ll be the coolest parents around!

Have a look at our website and see what we have on offer, we’re sure you’ll find a bargain that’s perfect for your family car. We have a wide range of payment methods available, and we also offer interest free credit. Ordering your private plate from us is very easy, so don’t worry that the process will be too complicated, it really isn’t. We’ve sold plates every single day for decades, so you’re in safe hands and we promise to look after you from the moment you decide you’d like a new plate, to the moment you’ve got your fab new plates on your vehicle.