Speedyreg joins new Cnguild.co.uk


We are pleased to announce that we are now members of the new Cherished Numbers Guild. An association set up to maintain standards in the private number plate industry and ultimately, to give you extra confidence in the companies you’re buying your new plates from.

As part of our membership agreement we have a strict code of conduct we have to to adhere to. We have agreed to trade by the guild’s set of guidelines, and we think it’s a great idea. The private plate industry has had some bad press in the past, with issues such as rogue dealers and hidden costs. Adhering to these guidelines isn’t a problem for us. We’ve always worked ethically and we’ve always worked hard to make sure our customers are 100% happy, but now when you see the Cherished Numbers Guild shield motif on our website, you’ll know that there is an external body out there making sure that we’re doing our job right. It’s your extra reassurance that you’re dealing with a reputable company.

The Cherished Numbers Guild is recognised by the DVLA and is actively engaged with them and with us, to find even more ways to improve the industry. So next time you’re on the lookout for a new private plate, of course we hope you’ll come straight to us, but if you do look elsewhere, just check the website for the Cherished Numbers Guild shield. Then double check at Cnguild.co.uk under the list of current members. If the company is listed, then you have that extra peace of mind.

The guild is also committed to investigating any claims of services by their members that have not been up to standard, so you know you now have someone to turn to if things don’t go the way you expected when you bought your new plates. Just make sure you’re buying your plates from a site displaying the guild shield, and you can benefit from this extra level of protection.

The CNG’s mission statement sums it up rather nicely and succinctly…

Mission statement

1) To provide customer confidence when purchasing a cherished number

2) To maintain, enhance & protect member’s interests and standards in the cherished number plate industry

We are very happy to be associated with the CNG and we’re looking forward to the future with them. More regulation and transparency within our industry can only be a good thing for us and a great thing for you, the customer.