Searching for a home for M61 VOR


We’re on a quest to find the perfect home for one of our favourite number plates – M61 VOR. This beautiful but homeless number plate is great with kids and pets and would perfectly fit in with the lifestyle of anyone with the surname McIvor. While of course we’ll do our very best to take good care of M61 VOR, we really think it needs a forever home where it can be cherished and loved, so we’re searching for the ideal home for it, preferably with a family of McIvors. It doesn’t take much looking after and is very well behaved

We’re hopeful that such an attractive plate won’t be homeless for long, so if you are a Mr, Miss or Mrs McIvor, or you know someone who is, then do let them know we have the ideal plate for them and we’ll do our best to match them up with their perfect plate, this one or perhaps one of our many other lovely plates that are crying out for their forever home.

Of course if you’re not a McIvor, then this plate might not appeal to you so much, but please take a look at other plates. There are always plates wanting a good home, regardless of your surname, we’ll find you the right match. If your surname is Watts or Watson, we have some very cheap WAT plates for just £199.  If you’re the Evans family, then how about EVA 57? The Lewis’s can pick from LEW 153, LEW 15D o LEW 15E. If you can’t decide between them, you can always choose more than one and keep them on a retention certificate. We promise all our plates are very highly trained and never fight with each other. We’ve lots of plates for the surname Fox too, such as 510 FOX, FOX 1M, R28 FOX and AD04 FOX. For the Hills we’ve got HIL 110, for Webbs we’ve got WEB 55N and for Roberts we’ve got load of ROB plates.

So you get the idea, there’s a plate to suit every surname. Just visit our website at and type your surname into the search box. It’s incredibly easy, you’ll instantly see a list of great plates to suit your surname. Now choose carefully, remember a plate can be just for Christmas, but it’s nice to pick one that you’ll love for a bit longer than that. We hope you and your new plates will have many happy years together. Never underestimate the joy a private plate can bring into the life of you and your family.