THZ Irish Plates perfect for Thomas

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Thomas has always been a popular name that never seems to go out of fashion. You can’t go wrong with naming your child Thomas, it’s a good dependable name that your kids won’t be embarrassed of.  If you’re thinking of calling your child Moonpixie Spoonstar then think hard, perhaps they would actually prefer to be called Thomas. It’s a great name to opt for if you don’t know the sex of your baby too, as if you have a girl, you can always call her Thomasina! Thomas is a great name as they can later choose to shorten it to Tom or Tommy.

If you’re a Thomas yourself, then you’ll know what a great name it is. Did you know that Thomas means twin? If you don’t have a twin, then perhaps you can twin yourself with a Thomas registration plate.

We now have some amazing THZ plates that are perfect for a Thomas, or a Thomasina. Our THZ plates are amazing value as they are part of our Irish plates range. These plates are available at very low prices because we get some great savings on Irish plates, so of course we pass these savings onto you, our valued customers. We get a lot of questions about our Irish plates, as it seems like an unusual thing to do, to have an Irish plate on your English vehicle, but we sell these every day and we know everything there is to know about transferring Irish plates to English vehicles and it’s really not complicated at all, and of course, it is legal to display an Irish plate on your car in England; or Scotland or Wales for that matter! The process is no more complicated than opting for any of our other personalised license plates and it doesn’t take much more time either. We offer the fastest transfers in the marketplace so you’ll have your plates on your car in speedy fashion, that’s our promise. We do like to live up to our name Speedy Reg!

So as I’ve mentioned, our Irish plates are very cheap, but you’ll be wanting to know just how cheap. Well of course, our idea of cheap may not be yours, but I think you’ll be very pleased to discover that our THZ plates are available from just £50! I think that’s very good value in anyone’s book! How about some examples… For just £50 you could have THZ 1577, THZ 2646, THZ 4683 or THZ 2286. That’s just a tiny example of the THZ plates we have for £50. We also have plenty of slightly higher priced THZ plates, as well as lots of other Irish plates available for just £50.

So if you’re interested in our THZ plates, or any of our other cheap Irish plates, just visit our website and put your name into the search. Select dateless, and you’ll find all our Irish plates, as an added advantage of all of our Irish plates is that they are dateless. Perfect for hiding the age of an older vehicle should you need to.

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