Hide the age of your vehicle from as little as £40

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Has anyone ever guessed your age and guessed a few years younger than your true age? Flattering isn’t it? If you look younger than your years, make the most of it. No one need know how old you really are, just knock a few years off if anyone asks you. There’s no reason you can’t be 25 for ten years in a row – it’s your secret.

The same can’t be said for our poor vehicles though. They can’t hide their age, they can’t lie about it, because it’s there emblazoned in yellow and black, the year identifier in big bold characters for everyone to see. How embarrassing! It’s like us having to wear a t-shirt with our age on all the time. I may look 30 but my shirt tells everyone I’m actually 40, how annoying!

Well okay, so maybe your car doesn’t mind too much, but perhaps you do? If your car is in good shape and you love it, it’s reliable and you’ve even given it a nickname, well you might not want to part with it just yet, even if, on paper, it’s really getting on a bit. Many of us love our older vehicles, or we just can’t afford to upgrade them too often. Whatever the reason for keeping your older car, there’s a solution for you that will help you to avoid the shame of having the oldest car in the neighbourhood, without having to spend all your savings on a newer model. The solution is to buy one of our dateless Irish number plates. Irish plates are road legal anywhere in the UK, and as we specialise in Irish plates, the transfer process is not lengthy or complicated. All our Irish plates are dateless, meaning there is no year identifier on the plate. No one will be able to work out how old your car is just by looking at the license plate. So it’s the perfect way to hide the age of your vehicle.

You may think that it’s not worth investing in a private plate just to put it on an older car, perhaps you’re thinking that the plate will cost more than simply upgrading your car to a newer one, but that’s not correct. Our dateless private plates start at just £40. That’s less than a meal out or a new pair of jeans.

So next time you’re feeling embarrassed about your aged car, or your mates are teasing your for having such a dated vehicle, why not take a look at massive selection of dateless plates, then no one need ever know how old your car is ever again. Plus you’ll also have a cool private plate. You could soon have a car you can be proud of!