Sizzle this summer with a new personalised number plate?


You’ll be sizzling with delight when you take a look at our hot summer sale that’s so hot it’s cool! We’ve reduced the prices on absolutely loads of fabulous plates so you can grab yourself a dazzling summer bargain. Order now and you’ll be able to spend the summer proudly driving about with your amazing new personalised plates. With everyone out enjoying the sun, there’ll be even more heads to turn when you’re out and about in the car.

If you’ve always fancied your own private registration plate but have been put off by the cost, then now is a good time to take another look. The prices may not be anywhere nearly as high as you think they’ll be. Check out our cheap plates section as this is where we list all our plates that have been reduced in price, but if you’re looking for a cheap plate, don’t ignore the standard priced plates either as we have a lot of plates for under £100, even without them being in the sale.

We really feel we have a plate to suit everyone’s need for personalisation and also, and perhaps more importantly, to suit their budget too. However, if you spot your dream plate and you’ve got your heart set on it, but the price is a little higher than perhaps you were thinking of, we do offer an interest free finance option which may of use to you. You can buy your plates now and pay later, or you can opt to spread your payments over the coming year. That way, you’ll get to enjoy your plate over the summer rather than waiting until you’ve saved up for it and it also eliminates the risk you take when you wait to buy any plate, that someone else might buy it before you! Plates do tend to sell faster in the summer months, people are using their car more and so they want their plates when they’ll get the most enjoyment out of them, so if you see a plate you like, it’s probably best to reserve it to avoid disappointment. If your car isn’t ready for your new plates, for example if you’ve ordered a brand new vehicle but it isn’t off the production line just yet, then there’s no problem with buying your plates in advance as we can transfer them straight onto a retention certificate for you. Transferring them from the certificate to your vehicle when you’re ready is very straightforward.

So do have a look at both our cheap plates section and our regular plate listings. Search the regular plates with our easy-to-use search engine and you’ll soon find plenty of plates to suit your needs. Also remember, if you already have private plates that you’re looking to sell, we offer a free, no obligation valuation service. You’ll find more information about this on our website.