Cheap Irish Registrations



Northern Irish Number Plates are dateless and can be transferred to any age of vehicle registered in the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. They have become a cost effective way of hiding the age of your vehicle. We have a large selection of Irish registrations starting from as little as £40.00 plus VAT plus Transfer Fee. 

A lot of Irish number plates are abbreviations of popular Irish Girls names and Irish Boys names. For example a lot of names have ‘I’ somewhere in their name and ‘I’s are not issued in the GB mainland prefix / current style number plates.

 For example if your name is Jillian, an option for your name would be JIL 5847. Likewise if your name if Barry, you would quite often be called BAZ and therefore a perfect number plate for you would be BAZ 2241. Another example would be ELZ 42 exclusively available from Speedy Registrations. A more recent combination would be SEZ 1919, which is excellent if your name is Sarah or SHZ 4570 is a good choice for anyone called Sharon.

At Speedy Registrations we have available the largest stock of cheap Irish number plates within the UK. You can choose from 5,000 Irish registrations plates all stored on Motorcycles. As well as supplying the public we also are the main suppliers to other registration companies and coach companies of Irish number plates. Speedy Registrations are the only Northern Number plate dealer to have been awarded the most sought after industry recognised quality standard, BSI.

Once the Irish number plate is on your vehicle, you can move it from vehicle to vehicle for which there is a charge of £80 Or they can be transferred onto a Retention Certificate at a cost of £105 and again this can be completed in Swansea CPU.

We at Speedy Registrations offer a fast, efficient, friendly and professional service. We offer you quality and quantity and great for value for money, backed up with our excellent customer care. You will not find cheaper Irish registrations anywhere else on the market. As we own the majority of all Irish registrations on the market you cannot buy our registrations cheaper from another dealer so don’t waste your time speaking to anyone else. Buy direct from the industry experts.