New year new private registration



Many people start the new year with a fresh start. What is your new years resolution? To lose weight, become more healthy, take up a new hobby or just try to be a nicer person and spend more time with loved ones. If your new years resolution is to treat yourself to something new every once in a while why not start the new year off with a new private registration. Give your car a new lease of life and get a fresh new registration on it.

If your vehicle is quite old you can give it a new look by changing registrations. Speedy Reg have a large selection of cheap dateless registrations in particular the cheap Irish registrations. If you are residing in the GB mainland you can easily transfer an Irish registration to your vehicle. When you have purchased the number just post your vehicle documents back to us in the envelope provided and we will take it from there.

We will liaise with DVLA Swansea to ensure a speedy and efficient transfer and if for any reason there is a delay we will keep you up to date with the progress of your transfer. In general most transfers take between 10 and 15 days.

If you are not sure what you can and can’t transfer to your vehicle why not give us a call to discuss your options or have a look at the extensive selection of personalised DVLA style registrations or cherished registrations listed on our website. You can also use our website to narrow down your search by looking for names, nicknames, initials or even hobbies.

If you still are not sure what you want why not give us a call as we are always happy to assist you in your search to find your ideal registration. If price is an issue we have a vast selection of cheap registrations from £40 or £50 which you will find on our website under the heading ‘Irish Plates for any UK vehicle.’ This will list a small selection of our cheapest numbers however if there is a specific style or letter combination you are looking for you can search for it using the search bar on the page.

Since July 2014 DVLA Swansea are responsible for issuing Irish Number Plates, and unlike the DVLA number plates for the GB mainland, there is no way of identifying the age of the vehicle and therefore the registrations are becoming convenient cover plates for many of our customers. The prefix of the Irish number plates denotes the area the registration comes from. For example Speedy Registrations is based in Fermanagh where the IL and more recently IG combinations are from. This has lead to many popular combinations for example GIL, HIL, CIL, EIL, MIL and more recently AIG, DIG, BIG, MIG and OIG all followed by 1, 2, 3, 4 numbers, ie BIG 8085.

With 30 years of experience you can rely on Speedy Reg to handle your transfer competently. At Speedy Reg we have available the largest stock of cheap Irish number plates within the UK. You can choose from 5,000 Irish registrations plates all stored on Motorcycles. As well as supplying the public we also are the main suppliers to other registration companies and coach companies of Irish number plates. Why not give us a call today to discuss your options.