The perfect registration for Mr Molloy

C Molloy

If you cannot find a personalised registration to suit your first name why not consider looking for one to for your surname. When selecting numbers for their stock Speedy reg also carefully consider surnames.

As one of the top number plate dealers in the UK Speedy Reg boast a huge selection of both personalised and dateless registrations so whatever your need you are sure to find something suitable no matter what your budget is.

Speedy are famous for their vast selection of Irish registrations and being in the business for over 30 years they certainly know their stuff. As well has having a large selection of Irish registrations ranging from as little as £40.00 they also have a huge selection of personalised number plates to suit many names and surnames.

One surname plate that they have recently added to their stock is Molloy, in fact they now have four excellent Molloy plates in their possession. If your surname is Molloy and you have always thought about getting yourself a personalised registration now is the time. You could even get one for each member of your family as Speedy have plenty to go around. CMO 110Y could be suitable for Catherine or Craig Molloy, BMO 110Y would be perfect for Brian or Brenda Molloy, FMO 110Y is a must for Frank or Fiona Molloy and LMO 110Y would be excellent for Liam or Linda Molloy.

Molloy is not the only surname on offer at Speedy Reg. We also have plates suitable for White (RWH 117E), Kelly (LKE 11Y), Jones (JON 35P) and even McIvor (M61 VOR).

If you would like a surname registration but are struggling to find something suitable why not consider shortening or abbreviating it in order to make it work. For example Mr Thomas could choose a nice THZ number such as THZ 303 or a less expensive THZ 3655 for just £50.00. If Peter Jones feels the JON 35P registration is a little bit more than what he would like to pay he could instead consider a nice JNZ number. Mr Shazad could choose from our large selection of SHZ numbers or Mr Ifzal could have an IFZ number.