Coming to a Car near you soon… RIG

RIG Cars

If your name is Rigby or Rigsby, or even if you’re just a huge fan of the TV series Rising Damp, you may want to think about getting a new private plate in December as that is when RIG plates will be released in Fermanagh.

Now you may be thinking ‘That’s in Ireland isn’t it? That’s a shame because I’m not.’

Well yes, it is in Ireland, but that doesn’t pose a problem for you as we can supply you with any Irish plate and they’re all road legal, wherever you are in the UK!

If you start adding Irish plates into your search, you suddenly massively broaden the selection available to choose from when you’re looking for a new plate. You needn’t worry about ordering an Irish plate, it really isn’t any more complicated than ordering any other plate, especially if you order it from us as we’ve been buying and selling Irish license plates for more than thirty years now. It’s not just extra choice you’ll get when you start searching for Irish plates either, you’ll also spot some amazing bargains as our Irish plates start from just £40. They’re well worth taking a look at as our Irish plates are some of the very cheapest plates we offer.

There’s also another added advantage when you choose an Irish plate. All Irish plates are dateless. That means, no one can tell how old your vehicle is by looking at the registration plate. That can be an issue with standard DVLA plates as no matter how shiny and gorgeous your car is, if it’s old, everyone will know at a glance! The simple solution is to hide the age of your vehicle with one of our cheap Irish plates. Pick up one of our amazingly priced Irish plates and you could disguise the age of your car for as little as £40.  We have a handy search facility on our homepage that allows you search for just dateless plates. Very useful if this is your sole intention. You won’t be stuck for choice either. We have so many amazing dateless plates we just know you’ll find one that suits you!

So if you’re fancying a dateless plate take a look now. If the RIG plates have piqued your interest then wait until December and we’ll make sure we have a good selection of these brand new plates for you to take your pick from.  You could have your new RIG plate in time for Christmas if you act fast. Or perhaps you know a Rigby who would just love one of these plates as a Christmas present. With prices starting at just £40 it really is an affordable yet very thoughtful Christmas gift.