Private Number Plates start from as little as £40

Private number plates start from as little as £40

Our private plates really are affordable. With prices starting from just £40 we think we have something to suit every budget. Many of our lowest priced plates are also dateless, so it’s a really cheap way to hide the age of an older vehicle. We have plenty of very cheap plates for you to choose from, as well as loads of pricier plates too if you really want the ultimate plate. Our low prices mean you can treat yourself without spending a lot of money. If you’ve spent the last few weeks blowing your cash on presents for other people, perhaps it’s time to splash out on a little gift for yourself? One of our budget priced plates could be just the thing!

With private plates tending to retain their value and often even increasing in value, you can think of it as an investment. Well that’s something to tell your other half if they’re not too keen on the idea! A private plate makes you stand out from the crowd, and there’s something really special about owning a plate that says something about you. It might represent your name e.g. E19 REG or ANN 6E or perhaps you want something that will help with advertising your own business such as VET 77 or BAK 11R. Whatever you choose, it’s bound to bring you joy for many years to come.

All our plates can be transferred onto a retention certificate, so if you find a plate you love, you don’t even have to have a car ready for it, you can buy it now, and then you can transfer it onto your vehicle when you’re ready.

For orders over £199 we offer interest free finance so you can buy now and pay later. We know Christmas is an expensive time of year, so with our finance product you don’t have to worry about finding the money this month, you can spread the payments over the coming year. Of course we also offer many other ways to pay. PayPal is an increasingly popular payment method, and we also take credit and and debit cards. Just select your payment method of choice at checkout, it’s all a very simple process.

We’ve been selling private plates for over thirty years, so you can be assured of quality service and a speedy transaction, regardless of whether you’re buying a £40 plate or you’ve decided to opt for NR 1 which is currently available for £215,800. Okay that might be a little out of your budget, it’s out of ours too! But don’t worry we’ve also got plenty of plates at all prices in between. Just spend a little time searching our stock and we know you’ll find a plate that you’ll love as your Christmas gift to yourself.