Go on your car deserves a present too… New number plates this Christmas?

Go on your car deserves it

So how’s the Christmas shopping going? You’ve done it all? Really? Hmm are you sure you haven’t forgotten anyone? It’s easily done. What about the mother-in-law? Oh you’ve got her a bottle of sherry, lovely. She’s always funnier after a drink or two. What about the wife? Have you got her something nice? You really don’t want a repeat of last year do you, she certainly didn’t appreciate that deluxe spanner set did she? Perhaps threatening divorce was taking it a bit a far, but she did have a point. Okay, okay, you’ve got her some perfume and a pretty silk scarf. That sounds more like it. Yes you do seem to be in control of everything. No mad dash around town on Christmas Eve for you eh?

Just one thing. You’ve forgotten one of your loved ones, one you spend a lot of time with every day… your car! Tut tut! How could you forget. You even got a new catnip mouse for little Tigger. Your car will start to think you don’t love it. It’ll develop a fault in the new year just to spite you. Cars can be very attention seeking when you neglect them.

So now you’ve realised the error of your ways, how can you put it right?  I don’t think a new air freshener in the shape of a shoe is really going to cut it. No, the only solution is to get your car something it’s really going to love. The only answer is… a fabulous set of private plates! What car wouldn’t love that for Christmas?

So now you’ve decided what to buy, you just need to choose the right plates. You could have a CAR plate such as R29 CAR or AD04 CAR, or perhaps you’d like to be more specific and pick a plate that matches the make of your car such as 131 BMW or MG 4. You could express your love for your car with E9 LUV or LUV 53X or maybe you’d like to be seasonal with the perfect Christmas plate… X1 MAS!

Whatever you choose, your car will love it, we promise you. Cars and plates, they just go together, you can’t go wrong. It’s the perfect gift. I’m afraid we can’t say the same for that