What are Private Number Plates

Private Number Plates

When we use the term ‘private number plate’ what exactly do we mean? Well, when you buy a new car, the vehicle is issued with a plate from the DVLA. You don’t have a choice as to what plate you get, you get what you’re given! It’s highly unlikely that your plate will have any meaning to you, you’ll have a random selection of letters and numbers that are pretty boring to look at.

Private plates on the other hand, are plates that the owners have chosen themselves. Private plates will have a meaning to their owners which is usually obvious to onlookers as they may spell out a name or other word. Private plates are just more appealing, and more fun to own than a standard DVLA plate. Many people like to have their name on their plate, this is the most common choice for personalisation. We have plates to suit every name from 2 ANN to AD03 ZAK. To find a plate with your name on, just type your name into our search box and you’ll instantly see a good selection of plates to choose from. Take you pick, or try a new search. The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing your private plate!

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