The priciest plates in the world


You can get a personalised number plate to suit almost any budget. Prices start at under £99 but if you really want to impress there are some amazing plates out there, but you’ll need a lot of money if you want the most sought after and exclusive plates. Short plates always come with a massive price tag, and the registration X1 definitely lives up to that reputation, recently going up for auction with an estimated value of over a million pounds making it the most expensive number plate sold in the world. It would be perfect for any owner of a BMW X1, however at 43 times more expensive than the car, it’s definitely a plate for someone with very deep pockets. Xi is also a common surname in China, so the plate reaches a wide audience of potential buyers.

Another much desired plate is F1, currently owned by businessman Afzal Khan, who was reportedly offered a whopping five million pounds for it. An offer he turned down.

If you would like to own an exquisite ultimate plate, Speedy Reg have both O 11 and 11 O available at £99,000 each. If you can’t make up your mind which you prefer, well you can always buy them both!

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