Types of Personalised Number Plates

Number Plates

What type of personalised number plate would you like? We really have them all! If you’re looking for a dateless plate, then look no further than our Irish plates. They’re all dateless and they’re also a very good price. Check them out on our website, we think you’ll be impressed. There’s absolutely no problem displaying an Irish plate on a UK vehicle, so you’ve got no worries there, and we’re very experienced in the sale of Irish plates so there’ll be no hold up with your private plate purchase.

We’ve also got lots of DVLA plates, both current style and prefix style, so whatever your preference, we’ll have the plate for you. Take a look at our search facility and you’ll see the personalisation options that both styles offer you. One may work better for adding in your particular choice of personalisation than the others.

We’ve got loads of plates available of every type, so whatever your preference, we’ll have some brilliant plates for you to choose from. Why not take a look, it’s fun to browse even if you’re not yet ready to make a purchase. If you’re on a budget, check out our cheap plates section too, you might just pick up a bargain!