Faceback Number Plates for sale

Faceback Number Plates for sale in New Zealand for $1.2 million!!!

The New Zealand number plate Facebk is on the market for $1.2 million. If is not to be confused social media website, which is worth more that $100 billion, FACEBK is a personalised Victorian number plate.

Tai Tran who owns the FACEBK number plates, is also selling PAYPAL number plates for a mere $ million!  He reckons, that his number plates are not for everybody, it’s more for investors or an internet entrepreneur, Gold is only a lump of metal, the only thing that make it valuable is it’s rare”

Tran’s price-tags are very reasonable compare to the world’s most expensive licence plate – “1” in Abu Dhabi sold in 2008 for $15 million. He originally bought the PAYPAL plate for $350 on eBay and paid $500 to VicRoads for FACEBK but believes time has rapidly increased their value. He plans to give 20 per cent of any money made on the plates to four children’s charities.

Will you be bidding for these two exclusive number plates?