Why chose a private number plate?



Have you ever thought about having a private number plate? Owning a private plate comes with many advantages, some of which you might not have thought of.

Of course they look good. They make you stand out from the crowd, they turn heads and they’re a great way to express your personality, livening up an otherwise dull looking vehicle. That’s the main reason many people choose to have a private number plate, just because they love them!

However, did you know that private plates also make a good investment? With interest rates so low, putting your spare cash into a savings account is not going to make you much in the way of interest. Tie up your money for too long and you’ll find it buys you less when you withdraw it than when you deposited it. Private plates are a good investment product as they usually retain their value, and often increase in value, and of course you get the joy of owning it before you choose to sell. If you’ve had a little windfall and are looking for a wise investment then private number plates could be a good option for you, and you don’t have to tie your money up for a set period of time, meaning you can release the cash whenever you like.

Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut / FreeDigitalPhotos.net