New Car Number Plates in Costa Rica

The National Registry began distributing new license plates to drivers across the country in Costa Rica, just over two weeks ago. Due to Costa Rica’s high number of cars on the road, the registry has begun a program to issue Car Number Plates with both letters and numbers.

The new car Number Plateswill have new Security features, such as the Costa Rican flag, a hologram and a sticker on the vehicle’s windshield. These new features are to make it difficult for criminals to clone existing problems, which we in the UK can relate to.

The new Car Number Plates will start to include both numbers and letters, which can be either randomly assigned by a computer or chosen by the vehicle owner. Owners of older vehicles can also apply for the new Car Number Plates if they wish.

The National Registry is currently building facilities to produce the license plates. By using automated equipment specially made in Germany for Costa Rican license plates.  The new Equipment will have the ability to produce 600 metallic plates every hour.

Is this the beginning of Personalised Number Plates market in Costa Rica?