Scotland to reduce drink-drive limit


The Scottish government have announced that they will be reducing the drink-drive limit before Christmas if the plans are approved by the Scottish Parliament. Currently the legal maximum level of alcohol in the bloodstream for drivers is 80mg for every 100ml of blood, the same as in England. The plan is to reduce this to 50mg per 100ml of blood.

So what does this mean in real terms? Well it will mean that just one pint of beer or one glass of wine could put you over the limit if you have a drink and drive in Scotland.

Recent research suggests that having just one alcoholic drink makes you three times more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash than someone who has not had a drink at all. Drink driving is a factor in 4% of all road accidents. These figures are frightening, and with Christmas approaching, a time when people are more likely to drink and drive than any other, it’s a good time for a change in the law and a campaign to encourage people not to drink and drive at all.