81 LLY for birthday boy Billy




Sometimes you can be lucky enough to find a registration that perfectly matches your name. If your name is Billy the ideal registration is waiting for you! 81 LLY is an old dateless registration and is probably one of the best matches you will find to suit your name.

Speedy Reg have selected this registration for birthday boy, Scottish comedian and actor Billy Connelly, who turns 71 today. Connelly has been on the scene for quite some time now and is best known for his stand up comedy roles and for films such as ‘Mrs Brown’ where he was nominated for a BAFTA.

Interesting facts that you may not already know about Connelly are that his nickname ‘The Big Yin’ came from his late teenage years when he outgrew his father William Connelly Senior and could no longer be called ‘Wee Billy’. He worked as a ship welder before he became famous and also was part of a folk band as a talented banjo player.

Anyone who is a fan will know that Billy is fond of the open road and has filmed several documentaries about travelling around America on his motorbike. 81 LLY would look great on one of his bikes and if he wanted a few more private registrations he could also have BIL 1471 or BIL 7109. If your name is Billy or Bill and you would like your own personalised registration why not get in touch with Speedy Reg today.