Make a statement with personalised plate


Arizona Driver makes a statement with personalised plate

As in the UK, when new license plates are issued in the US, they are assessed to ensure they are not in any way offensive, but unlike in the UK, US license plates have other images and mottos on that are different for each area, and some areas have multiple plates that you can choose from. The wording on these plates isn’t taken into account when the characters on the plates are being assessed for profanity or offensive messages. Because of this, a driver from Arizona managed to purchase a plate that read DOESNT. Inoffensive and fairly meaningless on its own, but add it to the Arizona plate that reads ‘Arizona’ on the top line, and ‘Support our Schools’ on the bottom line, and the result is a plate that clearly states ‘Arizona DOESNT Support our Schools’!

This Extraordinary Educators plate has to be specially ordered, and it comes at a price of $25 a year with $17 of this going to the Extraordinary Educators Fund which provides financial help to teachers for student projects. With this is mind it’s obvious that the owner of the DOESNT plate didn’t end up conveying this message by accident! He obviously has a point to make!


By Wing-Chi Poon (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons