HRZ dateless registrations out now!

HRZ blog


The latest dateless Irish registration to be released is the new series of HRZ registrations, which come from Ballymena in Northern Ireland. What many people in the GB mainland get confused by is that fact that although the Industry refers to them as ‘Irish’ they are technically Northern Irish registrations and the fact that Northern Ireland is part of the UK means that it can be transferred to the GB mainland. This type of transfer generally takes between two and three weeks from receipt of the customers documents and the nice thing about this registration is that it can go on any age of vehicle.

HRZ registrations are a good choice if your name is Harry and it also looks like Her Royal Highness or ‘hers’ if you are looking for a his and hers number plate. Speedy Reg will have HRZ registrations in stock very soon, which will be starting from £99.00 so if you wish to reserve yours now just give us a call.