Number plates for the boss

Personalised Number Plates

If you run your own business, be it a small enterprise or a huge multi-national corporation, you’ll be deservedly proud of your achievements. A personalised number plate is a great treat for yourself, but of course it also has the advantage of being a talking point, and so it works as an advertisement for your business too!

We love the plate BIG 8055 for the head of any company, or perhaps you think you’d be more suited to B055 HOT? There are also loads of plates available that end in CEO for the chief executive officer of your company. You could have B15 CEO, or AA13 CEO.

As well as these, there are plenty of plates that will represent the type of business you run. If you’re in public relations you could have 92 PR or PR 123; if you’re in media you could opt for 17 TV, RAD 10G or PA07 WEB or if you’re in the legal profession, how about 31 LAW or D9 LAW?

Whether you want a plate that reminds people of the nature of your business, or simply one that will raise a smile, you’ll find your perfect plate at a very good price at Speedy Reg. The search facility is simple to use and it’ll help you to narrow down your choices too!

Photo credit: Victor1558 / / CC BY