Are you looking for Buy Number Plates?

Looking for your perfect personalised number plates can be very time consuming and costly. However if your name is Buy then hopefully you are now only one click away from your personalised number plates. The Number Plates BUY 550B have just become available through Speedyreg.

The surname Buy is an Olde English name that originates from the 7th Century. . It is residential, and describes one who lived by a ‘byge’. This was a prominent bend of a river, or perhaps a feature of the countryside such as a hill or rock outcrop, which may have appeared to be distorted in someway.

The Number Plates would also be suitable if you were a shop owner or even Auctioneer as this would represent the fact that you want people to buy your products or services?

Do you know any famous people with the Surname Buy that this registration would be suitable for?