What Will Be On Your Number Plate This Christmas?



Are you treating yourself to a new private plate this Christmas? There’s no reason why you can’t buy yourself a Christmas present! You spend so much time treating everyone else, you deserve a treat too! With our prices starting at just £40 a private plate is a Christmas gift for yourself that you can certainly justify.

But what plate will you choose? Owning a private plate is fantastic, but choosing your plate really is half the fun. Even though I have a great personalised plate that I’m happy with, I’m still always on the look out for my next one. I’m not ready for a change yet, but if I do spot that perfect plate then I’ll simply have it transferred straight onto a retention certificate. That way I can put it on my car when I do feel like a change. I don’t want to risk someone else snapping it up!

The first thing I do when I’m looking for plates is to put my name into the search box on our home page at www.speedyreg.co.uk. That’s probably what most people do first. Plates with names on are our most popular plates of all.

But then I get my thinking cap on and see what else I could have. Perhaps something seasonal would be good? The kids would love a Christmas plate. So I’ll put in all the festive words I can think of.

Or perhaps something that tells the world about the things I love. Being an animal lover, I’d really like to have 8 CAT or 22 CAT, but these are a little out of my price range. However, I’ve spotted BA58 CAT for under £400! There’s also some fab dog plates such L5 DOG and RII DOG or perhaps DOG 64R? These would make brilliant Christmas presents for any pet lover. Whatever pet you own, we’ve got the plate to suit. You could have 8 RAT or B83 NNY!

It’s easy to while away a good hour or so searching for a new plate. The good thing is, when you search using our website, it’s all so easy. You just type any word or number into the box and you’ll get lots of suggestions. You don’t have to worry about letter and number substitutes. Our system does that for, so for example, if you wanted an ANNE plate, you’d see combinations such as 4NNE or ANN 1B. We like to give you plenty of options!

So take a look and get inspired. If you don’t want a new plate yet, you can always have it transferred to a retention certificate at no extra charge. Or just take a look for fun. Maybe you’ll be inspired to treat yourself in the new year. You can get some ideas now and see what’s available.