Winter Driving Tips


Most of us drive our cars every day. We just become accustomed to driving and take it for-granted. It’s so important to remember just dangerous driving actually can be. While we might feel trepidation before we step onto an aeroplane for our holidays, we think nothing of getting in a car. However, we’re statistically far more likely to die in our cars on the way to the airport than actually on the plane.

Now I’m sorry for scaring you, but we all need to remember this once in a while, especially in winter.

So other than paying extra attention, how can we stay safe while driving in winter weather?

Well you need to be prepared for anything. It could snow at any time. Ever driven somewhere in nice weather only to find a thick layer of snow when it’s time to come home again? I think that’s happened to most of us at some point. So now is the time to get ready. Check your tyre tread depth. If it’s getting low then get them replaced. It could save your life if you’re driving in icy conditions.

Make sure your car is in good working order. If there are any jobs to be done on it that you’ve been putting off then it’s time to get them sorted out. Whenever you go out, double check everything. Is your oil topped up? Have you got enough petrol to get where you are going? There’s nothing worse that running out of petrol and breaking down in the freezing cold!

Keep emergency supplies in the boot of the car just in case you do break down. A couple of blankets and warm coats could make all the difference if you’re waiting in icy conditions for the breakdown truck to get to you.

It’s important to keep your windscreen clean in winter. The low sun in winter can cause glare and make visibility poor. The cleaner your windscreen, the less the glare will bother you. If your car is covered in snow when you set off, then get the snow off the roof. It can easily slip forward onto the windscreen and block your vision.

At this time of year, it is vital to make sure you are focused when driving. Never drive after you’ve had a drink. Think hard before taking the car to a Christmas party. Will you be tempted to have just one drink? Then perhaps another? Don’t take the risk. Never drive when you’re tired and make sure you have no distractions. Fiddling with the car radio or chatting to the kids in the back can cause accidents any time, but when you’re driving in treacherous conditions it’s even more dangerous.

Keep a close eye on your speed. Many of will go over the limit a little once in a while. Often we don’t even notice we’re doing it, but the speed limits are there for a reason and when it’s icy those few extra mph can make a huge difference.

Stay safe this winter.

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