Top Ten Most Popular Cars in 2016


Number 10 – Kia Sportage SUV

The Kia Sportage has proven to be pretty popular this year. It’s a chunky looking car that turns heads and it’s a great size too. It has a good high driving position yet it’s not so big that you’re going to struggle to park it at the supermarket. It’s a good price too, starting at around  £18,000. When you buy from Kia you also benefit from the fantastic 7 year / 100,00 mile warranty as standard so it’s a good choice if you like the peace of mind that brings you.

Number 9 – Nissan Juke SUV

The Nissan Juke with it’s unique styling has been popular since it was released back in 2010. You’ve got the best of all worlds with the Juke. A high driving position with a great view of the road at a price lower than many similar vehicles. The Nissan Juke is great value for money.

Number 8 – Volkswagen Polo hatchback

Coming in at number 8 is the good old Polo. It’s comfortable, it handles well and it’s cheap to run. The interior is pretty high quality and it’s also surprisingly spacious.

Number 7 – Vauxhall Corsa hatchback

With the Vauxhall Corsa you get a lot of options so you can pick a version that best suits your needs. It’s a good value for money car that’s also cheap to run and easy to drive. The interior has also been given a recent upgrade.

Number 6 – Ford Focus hatchback

The Ford Focus is always a good looker and remains a popular family car. It’s a good drive and now comes with voice recognition. It will even read out your text messages. The dashboard has been given a revamp and is now simpler to use.

Number 5 – Audi A3 Sportback hatchback

The Audi A3 is a great family car for those who want something a little more special. The interior is very high quality and it drives well. While it’s not the cheapest car on the list, these A3s are predicted to hold their value better than most similar cars.

Number 4 – Volkswagen Golf hatchback

The Golf usually features somewhere in the top ten cars as it’s always popular. They have a good safety record and they’re comfortable for long distance journeys. The Golf is also very economical.

Number 3 – Nissan Qashqai SUV

The Qashqai is a great crossover that’s pretty cheap to run. It’s a good looking car that offers a decent level of comfort although there’s not a huge amount of legroom in the back.

Number 2 – Vauxhall Astra hatchback

The Vauxhall Astra is another car that is always popular. It’s had a lot of improvements recently. It’s a very good value for money car that looks good but is also very practical. It’s great to drive and the engines are powerful yet cost efficient.

Number 1 – Ford Fiesta hatchback

The number one spot goes to the Ford Fiesta. The latest styling gives it stunning good looks at a very reasonable price. It has a great safety record and it’s incredibly fun to drive.