Raise a Glass – It’s National Beer Day!

If there was ever a good excuse for a drink, then this must be it. National Beer Day! Beer seems to be increasingly popular these days. Gone are the days when all you could get in the pub was a pint of watery lager. These days tasty craft beers with ridiculous names seem to be popping up in every bar. There’s something very satisfying about ordering ‘half a hobgoblin’ or a pint of drunken dog droppings or whatever the latest brew is called.

I do enjoy a nice beer or three after a hard day at work. I rarely drink during the day and I certainly never drink in the morning, unless I’m at an airport. I believe there is some sort of unwritten law that states you must drink at the airport, even if it is 4.30am. BUT I think I may just treat myself to a lunchtime pint on National Beer Day (Shhh don’t tell the boss). I apologise in advance for any bad spelling or slightly crazy posts I make on Beer Day!

Now I know I really shouldn’t be encouraging our readers to drink. But it IS National Beer Day. So I say, if you fancy a pint then have one. It’s time to leave the car at home and treat yourself to a taxi. Have that extra beer without feeling guilty. This opportunity only comes around once a year so make the most. There’s a whole month of not drinking during Dry January.

Of course a love of beer is for life and not just for National Beer Day, so how about a beery license plate? We’ve got some brilliant ALE plates. You could have A9 ALE or if you like a bargain we’ve got N24 ALE for just £199! There are also many other ALE plates for this same low price just type ALE into our search box and see what’s available. Or, how about a KEG plate? Opt for A10 KEG, D12 KEG or one of our many other KEG plates. If drinking is a social event for you down the pub with your mates, how about P200 PUB or P333 PUB or perhaps 950 BAR? You’re spoilt for choice!

So do enjoy National Beer Day but please drink responsibly and never drink and drive.