It’s Time for Oktoberfest – the Biggest Beer Festival in the World

Oktoberfest Beer fest Begins - Speedy Reg
Oktoberfest Beer fest Begins – Speedy Reg

2019 sees the 186th Oktoberfest running from September 21st until October 4th in Munich. The festival is best known for the millions of litres of beer that are drunk throughout the festival, but there is much more going on besides, not least of which is a huge funfair. From traditional rides such as the swing carousel, to high adrenaline ultra-modern rollercoasters, Oktoberfest is always steeped in tradition yet embraces the modern world.

A tour of the tents

The beer, food and entertainment mainly happens within ‘tents’. But tent is an understatement, some of these buildings are massive and bear very little resemblance to any sort of tent you’ll ever have gone camping in and are more akin to a luxury hotel. This year there will be 17 large and 21 small tents with something different happening and a different vibe in each one, but every tent has that special Oktoberfest feel to it, there’s no doubt about that! So you can stroll around the tents, sampling different beers, having a bite to eat and enjoying some great live music.

Have fun at the booths

As well as all those tents to spend your time in, and the funfair to enjoy with the family, there are also some fabulous booths to stroll around with some unique entertainment to take part in and lovely merchandise to take home with you. In this area you can have your photograph taken in the photo studio booth, test your strength at the strongman game, enjoy sweet traditional gingerbread hearts and listen to the Original Munich Bird Whistlers.

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