Important Changes to Retention Certificate Renewals V778 and V750

Important Changes to Retention Certificate Renewals - Speedy Reg
Important Changes to Retention Certificate Renewals – Speedy Reg

The DVLA are bringing in new rules regarding retention documents and certificates of entitlement (V778 and V750) which could affect many people with private plates. The changes will be implemented on December 18th this year and the new rules state that out of date certificates will no longer be renewed.

The current system for out of date certificates

Currently, if a certificate is out of date, and it expired on or after 1 May 2011  it is possible to renew the certificate by paying £25 for every year to get it up to date but this will no longer be the case from 18th December 2019. So, if you have an out of date retention document or certificate of entitlement, it’s very important to act now or you risk losing your rights to your plates entirely.

What you need to do

If these changes affect you and your documents are out of date, you need to act now and get up to date before the cut off date of December 18th. The fee for each year, or part year since expiration is £25. You’ll need to fill out the form on your documentation and send it to the DVLA along with the fee owed. If you don’t have your documentation, you need to write to the DVLA giving a reason for not having the document, along with the fee, details of your number plate and proof of your name and address. 

Renew it or risk losing it

Failure to comply with these new regulations has some serious consequences, you are effectively giving up your rights to your plate, so it is imperative that you check any plates you have on retention and ensure they are up to date.

Don’t worry – we’re here to help

This may be concerning to some of you, but there’s no need to panic. If you have any questions about these new changes then don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll explain everything you need to know, what you need to do, and put your mind at ease about the new system. You can email us at any time at or give us a call on 02866 387124.

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