Worrying Weather Conditions for Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore F1 Grand Prix - Speedreg
Singapore F1 Grand Prix – Speedreg

Since it was established in 2008, the Marina Bay Street Circuit used for the Singapore Grand Prix has come under criticism for being too difficult and somewhat dangerous. Drivers have commented that it’s twice as hard to drive as the iconic Monaco street circuit and it’s too bumpy with some high  kerbs. Of course any street circuit comes with extra dangers. You can’t move walls and buildings to make the track safer.

Worst weather for 3 years

But that’s not all, this year the Grand Prix coincides with the haze. This is air pollution caused by farmers burning crops to clear fields in Indonesia and Malaysia. This year the air quality is the worst it’s been for three years and visibility is very low. That’s going to make the race difficult for the spectators to watch, but also hard for the drivers to see, it’s basically like driving in fog, and you wouldn’t want to do that at F1 speeds! Then you’ve got the fact that this a night race, which was decided upon to make it convenient for European viewers, but that means the competitors are driving at high speed, in fog, in the dark. When you think about it like that, it’s pretty scary!

Incredibly hot too

This race is also very hot and humid. Spectators will be sweaty enough in 30C temperatures with a humidity level of 80%, but in the cockpit of a F1 car the temperatures rocket to around 50C. They don’t call this race the Singapore Sauna for nothing!

Will the race be called off?

While the air quality has been deemed to be unhealthy, as yet the race has not been called off. Spectators will be able to get masks at the event to help protect their health but it’s as yet unclear if all the surrounding events will still take place. There are many activities going on in and around the circuit and open air concerts from big names such as Fatboy Slim, Muse and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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