Liam Gallagher Releases new Solo Album

Liam Gallagher New Album -- Speedy Reg
Liam Gallagher New Album — Speedy Reg

In 2017 Liam Gallagher released his first solo album, As You Were. The reviews were pretty good, I think everyone was surprised at just how accomplished this release actually was. It came into the charts at Number 1 and outsold the whole of the rest of the Top 10 combined. So we’ve all been waiting for another offering from Liam and now it’s here. Entitled Why Me? Why Not, it’s again distinctively Liam Gallagher, with some songs definitely having an Oasis feel to them which will no doubt please fans of the band. You’ll also again hear a Beatles influence in many of the tracks, but perhaps not as much as on the previous album. Meadow is another unique track with hints of Pink Floyd coming through in this song that verges on the psychedelic.

There’s a fantastic mixture of rock songs and more gentle numbers, and it’s perhaps these quieter more thoughtful songs that make this album really stand out from the crowd. Again Liam has proved that he is more than simply one half of a duo with his brother.

Top songwriters Andrew Wyatt and Michael Tighe worked with Liam on this album and Damon McMahon was also involved with some of the tracks.

Why Me? Why Not track listing

1. Shockwave

2. One of Us

3. Once

4. Now that I’ve found you

5. Halo

6. Why me? Why not.

7. Be Still

8. Alright Now

9. Meadow

10. The River

11. Gone

12. Invisible Sun

13. Misunderstood

14. Glimmer

Pointless Liam Trivia – The facts you never knew and never needed to

  • Liam is a big fan of SpongeBob Squarepants
  • He believes in aliens
  • As a kid he was nicknamed Weetabix as that’s all he would eat
  • He hates Manchester United
  • Despite owning several cars he’s never learnt to drive
  • He once said he would never make a solo album as life was too short to be trying to be Robbie Williams.
  • He wants Natural Mystic by Bob Marley played at his funeral

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