Taylor Swift Launches New Album – Lover

Taylor Swift New Album - Speedyreg
New Taylor Swift Album – Speedyreg

We did suspect that Taylor Swift would be releasing her seventh album when we saw the hashtag #TS7 trending earlier in the year and now it’s a fact. The new album titled Lover is launching on August 23rd. So far we’ve been treated to three singles from the new album, The Archer, You Need to Calm Down and Me!. The album features 18 tracks in total, and if they’re as good as these three then we’re in for something truly special.

The tracklist…

1. ‘I Forgot You Existed’

2. ‘Cruel Summer’

3. ‘Lover’

4. ‘The Man’

5. ‘The Archer’

6. ‘I Think He Knows’

7. ‘Miss America And The Heartbreak Prince’

8. ‘Paper Rings’

9. ‘Cornella Street’

10. ‘Soon You’ll Get Better’ (feat. The Dixie Chicks)

11. ‘Death By A Thousand Cuts’

12. ‘London Boy’

13. ‘False God’

14. ‘You Need To Calm Down’

15. ‘Afterglow’

16. ‘ME!’ (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco)

17. ‘It’s Nice To Have A Friend’

18. ‘Daylight’

We can’t wait to hear them all, especially the collaborations with Brendon Urie and the amazing Dixie Chicks. Taylor has stated that it’s a romantic album, yet not an album full of love songs, there’s just a thread of romance that runs through all the tracks.

Taylor Swift – Some fun facts…

  • Her mother specifically chose a gender neutral name for Taylor as she didn’t want people to know whether she was male or female simply from reading her name. I guess that won’t help now that everyone in the world knows who Taylor Swift is!
  • Her inspiration to be a singer came from her grandmother who was a professional opera singer.
  • Taylor has some other hidden talents, she wrote a 350 page novel at the age of 12 and she’s also an accomplished painter.
  • Her lucky number is quite an unusual one, it’s 13.

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