Say Cheese! It’s World Photo Day

World Photo Day -- Speedyreg
World Photo Day — Speedyreg

When you think about it, photos are a truly amazing thing. It’s a way to perfectly preserve your memories. We look back on them and it all comes flooding back. Our memories can fade, we forget the details, but they’re preserved forever in our photographs. Photos from the past are amazing too, images of your relatives long since gone, you stare at their faces, imagine their lives and look for signs of yourself in them. Back then, photos were a big deal, for special occasions only, but nowadays, we’re all taking photos all the time. Every moment of our lives can be captured and shared, there to look back on in the future. That gorgeous meal you had, the fun time at the beach on holiday, that terrible haircut you thought would be really cool.

Get involved for World Photography Day

Whether you take award-winning arty shots of the places you visit, or you’re capturing your kids growing up in snaps that simply make you smile, today is for you. Today is the day to share your images with the hashtag #WorldPhotographyDay and you can even submit your photos to be featured on the World Photography Day website at Even if you don’t want to send your photos in, check out the website to see some stunning images from all over the world.

We all take so many photos, we put a couple on Facebook or Instagram, then we tend to forget about them. Why not spend some time on World Photo Day looking back over all the photos you’ve taken, and relive those great moments? Share them with friends and family so they can remember those good times you shared too.

Snap up this World Photo Day Number Plate

Cars make great subjects for photographs, and if you’ve got personalised number plates, then all the better! We’ve got the ultimate World Photo Day number plate for sale and while it’s a great one for anyone, if you’re a photographer, this could be the number plate of your dreams. What is it? It’s PHO 70S. Your photos plate would look amazing in your photos wouldn’t it? If you’re interested, then do get in touch with us, or check it out on our website. Or perhaps you would like one of our CAM plates. We’ve got plenty to choose from for just £199 such as BA09 CAM, FA02 CAM and GA03 CAM.

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