Raise Your Glass to International Beer Day!

It’s advertised as ‘The Best Day of the Year’ and who are we to disagree? Friday August 3rd is International Beer Day, it’s celebrated every year on the first Friday of August. Friday of course is the best day to drink beer. That’s why the date of Beer Day was changed in 2012 from August 5th, so that it would always fall on a Friday.

It’s a day to celebrate all things beery. Buy your friends a pint of beer, say a big thank you to your bartenders, and why not try a new brew from a local brewery? There are so many great beers out there these days, step outside your comfort zone and try something a little different. A salt beer? A stout that tastes of marshmallows perhaps?

As this is a worldwide event, why not sample beers from around the world too? You could go on a round the world beer trip!

Look out for International Beer Day events

Breweries create special limited beers for IBD so look out for these. You’ll find Beer Day events going on in pubs, so find out where you can celebrate in your local area. There may be some good special offers on too.

Hold your own International Beer Day party

How about throwing a Beer Day party at home? Maybe team it up with a barbecue? Stock up on a wide variety of beers, invite your friends and family and share your opinion on each beer. You can even download some brilliant International Beer Day posters from the official website – internationalbeerday.com so that’s the decorations sorted!

Private plates for Beer Day

Of course a love of beer is for life, not just for Beer Day, so why not celebrate your favourite drink every day with a beer private plate? You could have 550 EER or BEE 57N. Our ALE plates start at just £199 and you could have BL02 ALE, CL52 ALE and many more besides. Want to celebrate Beer Day in style, then you could pick up 59 BD or 1996 BD.

Do drink responsibly

Beer day is the one day for us when cars are not the most important thing in the world. Leave the car at home and take a taxi if you’re going out and encourage your friends to do the same. Have a great day, but drink responsibly, take it easy and you’ll avoid that annoying downside to beer… a hangover!