A New Westlife Album and it’s their Best One Yet!

New Westlife Album - Speedyreg
New Westlife Album – Speedyreg

There were a lot of upset fans back in 2011 when Westlife announced the band was breaking up, and after a final appearance in 2012, many of us thought that was it for the famous Irish pop band. We all thought their tenth album Gravity was the last one we were going to get to enjoy, but that’s all now changed with a brand new Westlife album released today. Named Spectrum, the album features 11 all-new tracks including two that have already been released to great acclaim, Hello My Love and Better Man, both of which were co-written by no other than Ed Sheeran!

Their Best Album so far

The band have put their very best efforts, and their hearts and souls into this new release and it certainly shows. They’ve dubbed it their best album ever and we are fully in agreement. Their aim was to create an album that would showcase their talents, with that Westlife feel that old fans will be looking for, and some new vibes that will bring their music to a new audience. All of the band’s previous ten albums have reached the Top 5 in the album charts for both the UK and Ireland, and we’re sure this one will rocket to the top of the charts too.

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While Westlife have always had a big following, with no new releases for so long, they’ve been rather overlooked by a whole new generation, but that could all be set to change with an entire new fan base ready and waiting to be the next gen of Westlife fans. When this new album hits the charts, and Westlife become more and more popular, you could find that if you’ve snapped up a WL plate quick, that it will soar in value as the new album soars in the charts. It could be a very wise investment!