Irish Number Plate IG 1 Makes History

DVLA Auction Prices - Speedy Reg
DVLA Auction Prices – Speedy Reg

The DVLA recently held their 30th Anniversary sale and it was an Irish plate that became the star of the show. IG 1 went under the hammer and sold for £222,000 making it the most expensive Irish plate ever to be sold and the 3rd most expensive plate to be sold at a DVLA auction.

Des has his say

Our director Des always has something to say and he gave the following comment about this impressive news…

“It is a fitting tribute to the Irish Registration scene that the DVLA chose an Irish Number Plate for their most iconic plate for their 30th Anniversary Sale. They have come a long way since the first DVLNI Auction in Wilsons in 1996, having matured very nicely over the last 30 years and are now seen as a sound and highly lucrative investment opportunity.  Prices of Irish registrations in Auction continue with a massive steep upwards price trajectory.”

Personalised number plates are a great investment

It’s amazing how much some number plates increase in value. They make a brilliant investment as they do retain their value and may well go up in value. They’re a safe bet for those wary of the stock market or anyone who doesn’t want to risk share prices plummeting. Of course, they’re also an investment you can make the most of, by using them on your car until you’re ready to sell and make a tidy profit!

The most expensive plates ever sold by the DVLA

It’s interesting to see which plates have made the most money at auction. Here are the top selling plates of all time…

DVLA prices
DVLA Prices Achieved – Speedy Reg

25 O sold for £400,000 in November 2014

1 D      sold for £285,000 in March 2009

51 NGH          sold for £201,000 in April 2006

1 RH sold for £196,000 in November 2008

K1 NGS sold for         £185,000 in December 1993

KR15 HNA sold for £180,000            in May 2015

1 O sold for     £170,000 in January 2009

1 A      sold for £160,000 in December 1989

1 OO sold for £156,000 in April 2006

2 O      sold for £115,000 in March 2009

6B sold for £101,700  in September 2008

250L sold for £100,500 in November 2014

Away from the DVLA Auctions, registrations selling through UK auction venues continue to be very buoyant. Within the last two weeks,  AJ 1 was sold by Wilsons Auctions Northern Ireland for £243,000 Hammer purchased by a private client, and last night DS 1 was sold by Brightwells Auctions in Worcestershire for £250,000

You don’t need to be Irish to invest in Irish plates

If you’re interested in an Irish plate but don’t live in Northern Ireland, you’ll be pleased to know that all NI plates are perfectly legal to be used on any vehicle in the UK. So whether you’re choosing one as an investment, simply love the look of the Irish plates, or want a cheap dateless plate to hide the age of an older vehicle you can go ahead and order one. We transfer Irish plates every day, it’s not complicated at all so don’t hesitate if you find an Irish plate you want.