DVLA Auction top sellers

DVLA Auctions

The DVLA recently auctioned off over 1500 desirable number plates raising a total of £2603800 with an average sale price of £1735-87.

The plate that went for the highest price was 18 O. It’s no surprise that this went for a whopping £50,000, short plates like this are always highly sought after. Other short plates that sold for high values were 92 M which fetched £12,500, 97 N which went for £10,400 and 99 E which raised £10,100. HU11 CTY also went for a high price of £36,000. A fan of Hull City football club or just a proud resident of Hull no doubt snapped this one up. AS11 LEY, perfect for someone called Ashley, sold for £15,000.

If you missed the auction you missed out on some bargains as several great plates went unsold. X845 RAM didn’t sell, which would have been perfect for a computer geek. 555 UU is a very visually pleasing plate that also didn’t sell, neither did 48 SO. If your name is Sue you could have picked up 500 SU, and if 1990 was a memorable year for you, you could have bought 1990 S; both of these fab plates went unsold.

Image courtesy of sscreations at FreeDigitalPhotos.net