Perfect plates for the muscle man your life

Huge Beast

Perfect plates for the muscle man (or lady) in your life

If you’re a body builder with muscles like Arnie, or perhaps you’re a boxer or you run a gym, there are plenty of great personalised number plates to reflect your unique physique or business. How about HBE 45T (Huge Beast), or more simply BEA 57T, or even BUF 11L. Of course with so many plates available, there are lots of other options too.

There are plenty of BIG plates to match your big muscles. Visit and you can pick up BIG 4003, BIG 2101 and lots more besides.  If you’re a gym owner, or just a gym addict, you can snap up the fabulous 73 GYM.

If you know someone who is proud of their body and they spend a lot of time striving for toned perfection, you can be sure they’d appreciate a plate to commemorate and celebrate this.  Personalised number plates that reflects the recipient’s persona really makes the perfect gift. If they’ve got abs to die for, then you could treat them to ABZ 35. If their name is Sue then there’s the perfect plate too… F1 TSU – Fit Sue! We also love 8 EEF, the ideal present for a total beefcake!

Photo credit: istolethetv / / CC BY