Perfect personalised number plates

Number Plates

You’ve worked hard to get where you are in your career. Whether you studied for years at university amassing student debt, or you’re an entrepreneur who started up a business from nothing, you’ve every right to be proud of your achievements; so why not express this with  personalised number plates?

If you’re a doctor there are some brilliant plates available right now. You could have DOC 5W or E2 DOC. If you’re a vet you could buy VET 77, or for under £250 you could have E248 VET. If you work in a bakery how about 3 BUN or RO11 EET? An accountant or mathematician would really suit AA02 SUM or ADD 874. Even the dreaded tax man can have their own plate with TAX 47. There are loads of great plates for anyone in the legal profession too, how about 31 LAW or LAW 11E? For anyone working in the police force COP 512 would be super, if they’re male, then COP 8OY – Cop Boy would be amazing!

Whatever your profession, you’ll find the perfect plate to suit you at Just type in any words relating to your job into the easy search facility and straight away you’ll be given a whole host of great plate ideas.

Photo credit: Thomas Berg / / CC BY-SA