Purchase a Personalised Number Plate


With over 31 million vehicles on the road, it’s hard to stand out and be unique. One way to show your individuality is to use a personalised number plate.

A personalised number plate is just that – a plate that signifies something personal to you. You simply remove the assigned number plate that comes with your car and you add on your own plate.

Anyone these days can get a personalised number plate. Previously personalised number plates were generally associated with the rich and famous but those days are gone.

There are a number of reasons why personalised number plates have grown in popularity over the past several years. Investment, fun and branding come to mind straightaway. But the one I wanted to talk to you today about was fun.

Give a unique gift this Christmas

You don’t have to have a number plate that makes sense to everyone else. You can have something that makes you smile everytime you get into the car. e.g., you could use something like DO57 COW for your girlfriend perhaps or MS61 TCH for your mother in law.

Personalised private numbers make great fun gifts, instead of the usual perfume or jewelery. So this Christmas, plan on giving a gift of individuality or uniqueness to your friends and family.

Pay using a few methods

The beauty of the personalised number plate as a gift is that you have a variety of ways to pay for it. And this Christmas, that means a lot to cash-strapped people.


Everyone loves cash. Business owners know that getting cash today means that they can pay their bills tomorrow. Christmas shoppers know that they can walk away with a gift, knowing there is no debts to be paid after Christmas. It suits some people.

Credit card

Credit card has pros and cons aswell. All the major suppliers of personalised cards accept credit card. It’s a good way to pay for Christmas presents, as long as you know there is a bill waiting to be paid after the festive season.


Have you ever found the right present but it was just a teeny bit out of your budget? An alternative to paying with cash or credit is to pay using finance. Finance isn’t new; it’s just a new way to pay for a personalised number plate. The term that is regularly used is Buy Now, Pay Later‘.

Some suppliers will let you buy a registration plate now and you can pay for it after a set period, say, 6 months or 12 months.

Generally speaking, you can avail of Buy Now, Pay Later on a set amount, so that means, it’s not available on really low priced items.

You simply apply for finance with your supplier and you’ll know within a day or two that you’ve secured the finance or not. It can ease a Christmas shopping burden.

Talk with an approved registration provider to get more information. But with various payment options, buying the right personalised plate for Christmas is within your budget.