Unique and Cheap Gifts for Christmas


Christmas comes each year and with it comes the season of gift-giving. We all want to give our loved ones, friends and family a token of how we feel about them and how much they are appreciated.

But it seems that every year, it gets harder and harder. To the person who has everything, what can you get them? What will be a unique gift for them? And perhaps more importantly, given the economic climate that we are living in, what to get as a unique and cheap gift for Christmas?

Personalised number plates

An answer to this particular problem might be easier than you think. Personalised number plates have become more popular over the years and despite the headline news of large amounts being spent, there are good bargains to be had.

With over 31 million cars on British roads as per road statistics at the end of 2009, private, personalised or cherished marks allow a car to be unique, to stand out from the crowd or have its own identity in the world.

Here are some ideas to help you buy a unique and cheap gift this Christmas:

1. Sentimental Personalised Plates

If you opt for a personalised number plate that is sentimental in nature rather than much in demand, the price will be much cheaper. If the plate reads something personal to your giftee, then they will use it for a long time. Typically, plates that don’t immediately mean something to the masses but do mean something to the owner are cheaper. They’ll make a perfect unique and cheap gift this Christmas.

2. Personalised Name Plates

You could also opt to buy a plate that has your giftee’s name on it. What could be more special than having your own name on a plate? It shows that you care and recognise their individuality. We can help you get the right combination of numbers and digits. Here are some ideas to help you:

  • MP54 RAH for Sarah
  • JUII ETT for Juliet
  • 12 ORY for Rory
  • SUS 14N for Susan

If you find that some name plates are a bit out of your budget, have a look at initials. Plates that contain year letters typically will sell for less than dateless ones. So put your initials at the front, combine it with perhaps your year of birth and you’ll have an ideal gift for Christmas. The three digits at the end can then be random numbers.

  • DF61 ABC
  • JH 51 DEF

3. Interest or hobby plates

People the length and breadth of UK and Ireland have hobbies and extra curricular activities outside of the family and work. Fishing, music, gardening, art, bird-watching are among our favourite pastimes. Your giftee would really appreciate seeing their beloved hobby on their plate. You can try something like these:

  • WA11 YYN
  • FL54 SHY
  • DF57 MUS

4. Cheap Dateless Number Plates

If your finding it difficult to find your loved one’s name on a Personalised Number Plates, or maybe it is out of your Budget, why not opt to purchase a registration that would hide the age of there vehicle. You can obtain a Dateless registration from as little as £50, for example:

  • DRZ 1339
  • JIG 3815
  • KIG 1831

 In summary, these are just four ideas to help you give a unique and cheap gift this Christmas. If you talk to an authorised registration company, they can give you even more suggestions. Happy Christmas shopping.