How to get a Private Registration for Christmas?

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It may be less than 10 weeks to Christmas and you may think you still have plenty of time to get your Christmas shopping done, however if you were planning on getting your loved one a private registration for Christmas this may take longer than you think!

Obviously with the last minute Christmas rush you will need to take DVLA delays into consideration and more importantly you will need to ensure that you understand the transfer procedure and be aware of how long this will take. For example if you are living in Northern Ireland and have purchased a DVLA registration this can take over 6 weeks to be placed on your vehicle due to the nature of the transfer. If you are living in the GB mainland and are planning on purchasing an Irish registration as a Christmas gift you may have to wait between 3 and 4 weeks to have the registration on your vehicle.

If you are the type of person who leaves things to the last minute you can always purchase a registration on certificate and simply give this as the gift as the V750 or V778 certificate of entitlement can usually be posted out directly to you when paid in full. This can then be transferred at a later date either directly with the DVLA or you can send the certificate and your vehicle documents back to Speedy Reg and have tem take care of the transfer on your behalf.

As an added extra to make the gift that little bit nicer why not include a set of plates and a personalised air freshener with the registration on it!