JEZ number plates for Jeremy Clarkson


Jeremy Clarkson Blog2

‘Top Gear’ presenter, journalist and broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson turns 53 today and the team at Speedy Reg feel that they should pay tribute to the motoring enthusiast who is the envy of ‘petrol heads’ across the globe having tested practically every fast moving vehicle there is. We all know Clarkson is outspoken in his opinions and has often been criticised for comments he has made in the past. His on going feud with broadcaster Piers Morgan has also been of much media interest.

His love of cars has led him to own quite a few fast movers in his time, including a Lotus Elise 111S, a Ferrari F355, a Lamborghini Gallardo and several rally cars such as a Ford Escort RS Cosworth, 2 Ford GTs and a Volkswagon Scirocco 1 and 2. However it is a known fact that Clarkson is not a fan of Personalised Registrations and in fact he has been known to blast people over twitter for owning them and once published several private number plates on twitter, which he had seen on a motorway journey when he was feeling particularly irritated.

Despite this fact Speedy Reg have found the perfect Cherished Number Plate for Jeremy Clarkson. JEZ 53 is an excellent choice as Jez is sometimes used as a nickname for Jeremy and 53 is the age Clarkson will be today. If your name is Jez then why not get one yourself?