MAG 8Y number plate for Margaret Thatcher

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There has been a lot of talk in the media over the past two days about the recent death of former MP Baroness Margaret Thatcher. Obviously she was a very influential figure at a time of great turmoil and she has always been one of those ‘Marmite’ characters; you either like or loathe her. This blog is certainly not a soapbox to view political opinions on Thatcher but merely to make a point that despite making many decisions which angered and destroyed the working classes she also created a huge stock market boom, making the rich very rich indeed.

A new group of professionals were created known as ‘YUPPIES’ or ‘young upwardly mobile professionals’, who made huge bonuses by shifting money created by privatisation around the world. The era was known as ‘Loadsamoney’ and the team at Speedy Reg have no doubt that a lot of personalised number plates were sold during this time as ‘Yuppies’ splashed the cash in a bid to be noticed and boost their ‘street cred’.

If Margaret Thatcher had been a ‘Yuppie’ there is no doubt that she would have owned a private registration and indeed a nice set of wheels to go with it. Speedy Reg have found the perfect registration to remember the Iron Lady, ‘MAG 8Y’, the nickname she was sometimes referred to by the public.

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