Be Generous on Give Something Away Day!

July 15th is Give Something Away Day. A day to encourage us to give something we have spare and make a difference to someone else. It’s a lovely idea. Nearly all of us can give something to someone else. If you’re stuck for ideas but would love to join in then read on…

Ways you can help on Give Something Away Day…

Clear out your home

Have a good clear out and donate anything you don’t need or want any more to charity. You’ll have a nice tidy house and you’ll have helped to raise money for a worthwhile cause. Clothes, books, toys, there’s a good new home waiting for everything you’re getting rid of.

Cook a meal for an elderly person or someone who is ill

Some people struggle to cook for themselves, and anyone who is ill can find it a real bind. Why not make extra today and drop it round to a neighbour, or invite them to join you for dinner. If you enjoy baking, a batch of cupcakes or a cake is bound to go down a treat with anyone. Why not take some to work for your colleagues?

Donate furniture or appliances.

Most towns have a scheme for allocating unwanted furniture and appliances to help people on low incomes. If you’re thinking of upgrading your television or replacing your sofa to match your new colour scheme, why not give away your old ones to help people less fortunate.

Give the gift of time

Even if you truly have nothing to give away, you can still give your time. There are so many worthy causes to which you can volunteer your time. It may be serving meals at a soup kitchen, helping animals at a sanctuary, or getting involved in a river clean up in your local area. You’ll be doing something worthwhile and you’ll probably have a great time doing it too!

Give a donation to charity

If you’re lacking in time, the easiest way to give something away is simply to give some money to charity. It’s quick and easy, but it means a lot.

Donate food to a food bank

Even the smallest bag of groceries can make the world of difference to someone struggling to feed their family. Food banks rely on the generosity of others to help those in need.

Give your friendship and an open ear

Take the time to chat with someone, visit your neighbour who doesn’t have any family to visit them.  Become a hospital visitor for the elderly. Sometimes a friendly face and someone to talk to is the greatest gift of all.

Give someone a surprise gift

Everyone loves a present, and if it comes as a surprise, when they’re not expecting it, it will certainly make their day. A box of chocolates, a bunch of flowers, or even their own private registration plate! Treat someone you care about, just because it’s Give Something Away Day!

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